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Our Area Developer in Romania: Dana Bates and his family

Dr. Dana Bates si familia lui

Cautam un Director Executiv (COO) pentru New Horizons Foundation. Noul COO va fi subordonat fondatoului organizatiei din Romania, care e si presedinte executiv al fundatiei. Acesta, Dr. Dana Bates, este un teolog american, fost protestant care a trecut la ortodoxism, care imbina activitatile academice cu cele sociale. In poza, Dr. Dana Bates e cel cu barba rosiatica, ceilalti sunt familia lui.

COO va conduce, efectiv, toate activitatile si operatiile din Romania ale Fundatiei. Fundatia nu este o organizatie religioasa, insa are legaturi stranse si permanente cu Biserica Ortodoxa Romana, atat prin principiile pe care este construita, cat si prin activitatile pe care le desfasoara. De asemenea, Fundatia isi desfasoara programele in parteneriat cu Ministerul Educatiei.

Informatii despre job si despre profil sunt prezentate cu amanunte in anuntul de mai jos. Salariul este in jur de 3,500 de lei/ luna net, la care se adauga cateva avantaje rar gasite de angajati in alte parti.

Va rog sa transmiteti mesajul celor care ar putea sa fie interesati de acest job si sa-i rugati sa-mi trimita un CV in engleza.

Va multumesc!



Employeer: Fundatia Noi Orizonturi (FNO)/ New Horizons Foundation (NHF)
Opening Position:
Chief Operation Officer (Bucuresti)

New Horizons Foundation is announcing the selection of Chief Operations Officer position based in Bucharest. New Horizons Foundation (NHF), founded in 2000, is a non-profit organization with a deep passion for social change through youth. NHF, a leader in the nonformal education field in Romania, employs two experiential learning methods: community service learning and adventure education, reflected in her two major programs: IMPACT and Viata. The Viata program was Romania’s first “adventure education camp”, and the IMPACT model, pioneered in Romania, is in 12 countries and many more on the ways! More details about our organization can be found at:

Major responsabilities:

The chief operating officer (COO) will be responsible for enhancing the internal organization processes and infrastructure that will allow NHF to continue to grow and fulfill its mission and will report to the CEO/Founder. The arena of responsibility is primarily Romania, as NHF is now a fully international organization. More specifically, these responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating the management team of New Horizons Foundation;
  • Ensuring the framework for strategic planning processes and for annual activity planning processes;
  • Contributes & approves the annual calendar of activities for programs and their budgets;
  • Oversee and improve the communication and fundraising strategies for the organization and monitors its implementation;
  • Represent NHF with key partner and for key events in Romania and be a positive public relations presence;
  • Engage with CEO and management in strategic thinking processes, particularly to help make the national IMPACT program more financially sustainable;
  • Critically reviews and interprets (for approval by CEO in wider consultation with management team) the monthly and annual organizational budgets, financial and narrative reports;
  • Monitors, with the CFO, the organizational cash flow of the organization and alerts management team of challenges;
  • Monitors the grants implementation in the organization, with the support of management team members;
  • Ensures the finding of, and high quality relationships with strategic partners (over 100 000 Euros partnerships) and donors;
  • Human Resources Management & Policies including performance reviews;
  • Improvement of Internal Procedures and Policies, with support from management team members.
  • Serve as a legal representative of the organization.

A critical responsibility of this COO position is to internalize and interpret to staff and operationalize the vision and mission of NHF by consulting and aligning closely with the founder and CEO, and key institutional relationships such as Young Life, World Vision, Ministry of Education, BOR (Orthodox Church) etc. A further key role is to free the CEO for fundraising, partnerships (especially international), and academic efforts relating to growing the Semester Abroad Program or SAP (a major engine of financial and human capital for NHF). The COO is not responsible for SAP (the semester abroad program, see

NHF offers:

  • Salary: see above;
  • Phone, laptop, mobile internet; mountain cabana (Straja) and other adventure education resources;
  • Young and dynamic team and a pleasant work environment;
  • Possibility to work and travel with a team motivated by taking IMPACT program in as many locations in Romania and internationally;
  • Potential for salary increase as financial sustainability objectives are met;

NHF is looking for a capable, experienced, COO, someone that:

  • Has experience in organizational management (preferably NGO) of minimum 3 years; minimum 3 years experience in financial planning and reporting; project management minimum of 5 years;
  • Well-networked especially, but not exclusively, in Bucuresti;
  • Previous experience in non formal education, and/or education is preferred (not required);
  • Is multitasking, results oriented, pro-active; great organizational skills;
  • Serves as a role model for organizational values, especially Servant Leadership;
  • (Critical) is that that candidate is interested to work in both faith based and secular environments, as NHF is a “faith friendly” organization and partners with both secular (i.e. public school) and religious (Orthodox Church) institutions to achieve its vision (social change through youth) and mission (experiential education);
  • Has a College Degree
  • Has fluent knowledge of English (speaking and writing) and overall great communication skills;
  • Is computer Literate (word, excel, PPT, etc.)

Interested persons are asked to send a resume and a letter of intent to In your intention letter, please mention your financial expectations. Only selected persons are going to be contacted for an interview process.

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  1. Asha - 01.12.2015 la 3:27 pm

    raman mereu surprinsa cand vad anunturi in care salariul este in totala disproportie cu descrierea postului, in defavoarea candidatului.
    Cine naiba sta pe 3500 de RON/luna net, in Bucuresti, dar are si abilitatea de a strange donatii si fonduri de 100 000 de euro, are si functie de conducere, este si reprezentant legal si sta drepti si da cu semnatura cand vine vreun control, de la inspectia muncii, pompieri, ANAF…….

  2. ioana - 12.05.2015 la 11:44 am

    nu este mentionat explicit… locatia este Bucuresti ?

    • George Butunoiu - 12.05.2015 la 9:28 pm

      Da, e in Bucuresti. GB

  3. mihai - 05.05.2015 la 9:19 pm

    este obligatorie experienta mentionata sau acceptati CVurile celor fara experienta respectiva?

    • George Butunoiu - 07.05.2015 la 1:59 pm

      Toata selectia se face prin comparatie, ca de fiecare data, de altfel. Asa ca, teoretic, se poate si cu mai putina experienta. GB

      • mihai - 08.05.2015 la 8:47 pm


  4. pasc gabriela - 04.05.2015 la 7:44 pm

    cit de bine trebuie cunoscuta limba engleza?

    • George Butunoiu - 05.05.2015 la 7:51 pm

      Nu exista un barem precis, insa cu cat stie cineva mai bine engleza, cu atat sunt mai mari sansele sa obtina jobul. GB

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